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FOCUS T25!  My husband and I have really been enjoying T25!   The program is is quick, it’s fun and it’s only 25 minutes.  There is a modifier who makes everything low impact, but you still get a great workout, burn a ton of calories and the results are undeniable!  In fact I use the modifier at least 1/3 of the time.  Honestly, I love the feeling I get after a workout.  It’s exhilarating!  I love the confidence I get from being at goal weight.  I love looking and feeling younger because I do workout…BUT I’ll be honest… I DON’T WANT TO WORK OUT FOR HOURS!  And so THAT is the main reason T25 has joined the ranks of my favorite programs!


Here are 5 reasons you should try Focus T25

1.  TIME SAVINGS – There is no doubt about it.  Time is no longer an excuse with this program.  You can get an hour’s worth of results in just one 25 minute session due to the intensity and focus of the program.   If you are a busy mom or professional who’s found it hard to “find the time” to exercise: This is your answer.  If my husband who works 50-60 hours a week AND commutes 17-18 hours a week can get it done, ANYONE can get it do it!

2.  APPROPRIATE FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS – This is super exciting for me.  For the advanced fitness buff, this program is no joke.  It WILL leave you a hot, sweaty mess in just 25 minutes.  The alpha level focuses on getting the moves down.  The beta phase really heats things up.  Once you have the moves down pat, you can add intensity… and intense it is!   But if you’re a beginner, DON’T WORRY!  Tania, the modifier is showing you how to adjust all the moves so that you still get an intense workout, but at YOUR level.  This program is brilliantly designed!


tania 5 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD TRY FOCUS T253.  THE MEAL PLANNER IS EASY TO FOLLOW – I love the meal planner.  It’s easy to follow and easy to make since all the meals only have FIVE ingredients in them!  It’s clean eating at it’s best!  Make sure to start out with the 5 day Quick Start.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the initial weight loss that will jump start your weight loss but just stay on that for the recommended 5 days.  You’ll need to up the calories after that to have more energy for you workouts

4. IT’S A PLATEAU BUSTER!  By changing your workout routine you will confuse your body which can help you break through a plateau.  My clients have been have amazing breakthroughs starting in week one!  There are NO breaks in T25.  If you get tired, go with the modifier instead of stopping.  This is how you build up your stamina and get amazing results in minimal time.

5. GET THE ABS YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED – Shaun T is constantly reminding us to FOCUS on keeping the core tight throughout the program.  Focusing on  the moves in phase 1 (Alpha Phase) and not speed is crucial.  You are not jut mindlessly going through the program.  You are keeping your core tight throughout all the moves.  Not only will you learn to do the moves correctly so that you’ll be able to build on a good foundation and increase your speed later, you’ll develop a strong, sexy core which is the base of a strong body all around.  Well, the “strong” part is the base of a strong body….The “sexy” part is just the added bonus! And who doesn’t want that?  ;)

Are you ready?

T25 is on sale now until July 31st and with the discounted fitness bundle you will be eligible to join my private group for extra support , information and motivation.

Let’s go!

Sale ends July 31.  The Discounted Fitness Bundle is on Sale now for even greater savings!!

Sale Price HERE!

Leave a comment to request entrance into my virtual boot camp that starts August 1!

ME HAIR1 5 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD TRY FOCUS T25Pam Keck is a Health & Fitness Coach.  She is also is a happy, young at heart 50 year old wife and mom who enjoys helping women realize that age is just a number. Pam’s own fitness unfortunately took a back seat while raising her children. After years of neglecting herself and becoming overweight and discouraged, Pam took charge of her health in her late 40′s, won the Beachbody Challenge Contest in her age group and went on to be featured in a top fitness infomercial because of her transformation. Pam’s passion is to help women know that it’s never too late to reclaim their health, figure and vitality through the power of a healthy diet, exercise and a positive mental attitude.


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